Vallejo Ferryboat Timeline
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O.& C. R. R. registers the vessel as Ferry Co. #2 in Portland, Oregon.

Coast Guard records claim she was built of iron at E. Portland, OR.

Launched on the Willamette River in Portland, OR.

November 18th,
Moved to and registered with the Coast Guard in San Francisco

1899 - Name changed to Vallejo

December 3r,
J. Goram Nevins of Vallejo, CA, Secretary of the "Vallejo Ferry Company" Inc. , sole owner and Master enrolls the Vallejo for Coastal trading.

April 30th, Vallejo Ferry Company sold the Vallejo to the
"Assoc. of Mare Island Employees"

Ferry service from Vallejo to Mare Island.

June 10th, Assoc. of Mare Island Employees sells Vallejo to "Six Minute Ferry" Company.

January 19th
Six Minute Ferry sold Vallejo to "The Rodeo Vallejo Ferry Company"

Converted to an oil burning diesel engine.

October 20th,
Robert Rauhauge of "Mare Island Ferry" line acquired and ran the Vallejo until her last run in 1948.


1935-1948 Skippered by Victor Rauhauge.

1937 - The Golden Gate Bridge is built.

Ferry Era in decline.

Tickets were good for one day during W.W.II when the Vallejo ran btw Mare Island, where battle ships were built and Vallejo. 1947
Sold for scrap to the Gardiner Steel Mills of Oakland.

The Vallejo was
scavenged for her brass and other metals.

The Vallejo was then delivered to Donlon Arques' [pictured] shipyard in Sausalito to be broken up.

Purchased by artist Gordon Onslow Ford
[pictured] with painter Jean Varda and architect Forest Wright .

The 'anchor outs' and the waterfront community emerge around the Vallejo.

Beatnik Era.

Jack Kerouac partys on the Vallejo. Supposedly he builds property fence in a drunken stupor one night.

Gordon Onslow Ford leases his side of the Vallejo to David Cole [pictured] for an art gallery which lasted about 3 years.

Summer of Love Era.

Gordon Onslow Ford leases his 2/3s of the Vallejo to Alan Watts, a Zen Buddhist and founder of the "Society for Contemplative Philosophy."
Houseboat Summit with Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and Alan Watts.
Watts & Jano Move off the Vallejo to Druid Heights but keep the Socitey of Comtemplative Philosophy on the Vallejo and continue to have seminars on the boat.

Varda dies unexpectedly in Mexico.

Watts dies unexpectedly in his sleep.

Ruth Costello, Executive Secretary of the Societ for Comparative Philosphy moves onto the Vallejo.

Al Huang began giving workshops on the Vallejo.

"The Last Free Ride" battle between the waterfront and the City.

Long time Vallejo resident Marion Saltzman acquires Vallejo. Ruth Costello moves off the Vallejo.

Marion forms the "Ferryboat Vallejo Preservation Project.

1982 - With the cooperation of the Sausalito Historical Society the FVPP obtains 100 gallons of rust-oleum and paints the hull.

1986- Marion dies.

1988-Dennis Hurley buys Vallejo.

Hi-Tech Era.

Orley Lindgren buys the Vallejo.

Orley Lindgren made changes to the vallejo - but seems to have never finish the battle - sells Vallejo to a Corporation

New Vallejo improvements.




Vallejo crosses Bay to Alameda Drydock for a hull repairs.

New Pier & Gangplank.

New Roof is almost finished!

Sept - Varda Birthday celebration on the Vallejo

New Siding on almost all the boat.  
SS Vallejo 36 Varda Landing Sausalito, CA 94965